I absolutely love fresh cut flowers, even though I can admire their beauty only for a few days, but there is something magical in pot flowers that I found out recently. Let me tell you more about it.


Years ago when I was a teenager I received a plant in a pot as a gift and needless to say that it died a few weeks later since I forgot to water it. Anyway, this placed a tiny doubt in me that I am capable of taking care of any sort of plants so I lived plant-less for more than a decade. Stop counting please, I am not that old! A few years ago I received another plant as a gift, Orchid this time – one of the most beautiful yet annoying little brats in the Floral Kingdom. I loved it and decided I will give it a chance, so there was no turning at this point, the challenge was accepted.  For people who tried to take care of Orchids, in particular, know perfectly well that those little “drama queens” do not follow any rules. They need to find their own very special place where it is not sunny, yet not shadowy but maybe they prefer to be just a tiny little bit closer to the window or maybe not and eventually someday they will decide to have a new stem so that they can blossom later on…if this happens, better go to the nearest lottery ticket booth, because this is your very lucky day, my friend. Probably by now you have started to wonder where is this going…and no, it is not a gardening session. Here are the three memorable lessons I got from having plants:


Everything happens in life when it is supposed to, neither the day will come sooner nor the flowers will blossom earlier. My beautiful flowers taught me how to be patient. Patience is a life’s requirement for success. The earlier we master it, the sooner we will be more successful in our life ventures. It sounds so simple yet we all tend to forget to stop rushing things that are not supposed to be happening now. This places unnecessary stress on our shoulders. Every plant is different exactly like our dreams. We know that they will blossom at some point if we continue to taking care of them, but each waits for its favourable conditions to do so such as appropriate season, temperature, amount of care. Some of the dreams require more effort and patience than others just like my demanding Orchids but I do not give up on them, I keep doing whatever I need to until they blossom again. Isn’t it the same in life…thank my Orchids for that insight.


Most people gave up on Orchids, even though their leaves are healthy which indicates that they are still alive, and the reason for that is because they might not blossom for years sometimes…but not me…because I have faith in them. Along with patience we need to have faith that whatever is meant for us will find us regardless. It is incredibly important to stay faithful to our dreams and to keep working on them. Accept this as a test…before your dream becomes reality, the universe needs to know how badly you want it, is it a real dream or it is just a momentary wish. In fact most times things do not happen overnight and this is also because we are not ready for them even though we think we are. Before we get what we wished for maybe we need to learn another life lesson or to obtain knowledge that will make us more capable so we do not set ourselves up for a failure. For instance, if we think we want to finally meet our special someone and that doesn’t seem to be the case yet, it is maybe because we need to meet somebody else prior to that who has a lesson for us so that when the right person comes along, we will make things right. If we want a business opportunity to knock on our door and it doesn’t, then maybe we need to learn more so when it happens we will be truly successful. This way the universe tests not only our level of faith but also our limits.


The last lesson I got from my Orchids was to do things unconditionally. I know that my Orchids might not blossom any time soon, but I continue to take care of them and give them the same amount of attention. In life we often do things conditionally. Don’t get me wrong if you pour your heart and energy into something, of course it will be ideal to get something in return immediately, but often “the return” comes in a different shape, form and time than our expectations…and usually it is way better than what we initially desired. When you help a homeless person, you don’t expect for them to help you back, right? Then why don’t you try to give a gift, attention, love only because it makes you smile from inside not because you expect something in return? Have this approach in life and you will gain more than you think because this is the recipe for success: you need to decide what you want, what matters to you the most and devote to it every single bit of energy you possess and guess what…there is no way but to happen.  


Keep it stylish inside out.



G.G Jun 01, 2016

Love it!

Sofiya Jun 01, 2016

Thank you, G.G. ;)

Jeff Jun 01, 2016

very well said but damn you orchids..grow already! =p

Sofiya Jun 02, 2016

Most of them do, surprisingly, but there are one or two overly stubborn though :D

Theresa Nguyen Jun 02, 2016

It's so amazing that this sharing caught me a the right moment when you just need a push and motivation to continue with what I do. Thank you for sharing the lessons and insights! I absolutely agree on the lesson of being patience and I do believe patience is one of the key to success. Someone told me in the past that the hardest thing is being a manager/leader of the team is not the job itself, but the patience you have to deal with people. I think with patience, it allows you to be more calm to deal with any situation and allow you to understand the situation better. It reminds our mind to step back, observe and think clear to come up with the right decision. Thank you Sofiya <3

Sofiya Jun 02, 2016

Theresa, I am so glad this post found you at the right time. You are absolutely right, patience is often underrated but its power is real. It opens many doors which stay closed forever for the impatient ones.

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