It’s warm, it’ts sunny, it’s beautiful…and a little sparkle ain’t gonna hurt nobody. This look is definitely one of my favourite for this spring. It is so sophisticated yet comfortable. When those two words find their place in one sentence describing the same outfit, ladies, we are onto something. High-waisted white pants, rolled so that the ankles are revealed along with white comfy sneakers are absolutely perfect for all of the busy bees out there. You can run miles and still look like being on a cover of a magazine. The golden top with a bow around the neck is nothing else but feminine and classic. The satin, ash rose coloured coat is the fashionable piece in this outfit. Satin is a very delicate material and it has many uses. It is used from luxury lingerie to very formal evening gowns and the message it conveys, is sexy, bold and luxurious. In this case it transforms a completely normal everyday spring coat into a something to remember. However what wows the look is the hat. It has this sandy/golden colour and it sparkles…what is not to like about it? I cannot stress enough how important the accessories are, especially when the outfit is more plain. Something as small as a hat can transform the entire look with such an ease and refinement so that it looks complete. Accessories are powerful tools that can be used any time we want to give a soul to an outfit. In fact, I received so many compliments about my sparkly hat that I think you will probably see it in my other posts as well.


Keep it stylish inside out.




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