Ok, first of all happy summer…it’s official…it’s here…nobody can take it away from us, but even though yesterday was supposed to be the first day of our summer adventures, the weather in Vancouver does not cooperate. It is very gloomy, a bit cold, which sets an entirely different mood. So here is my last spring style suggestion before we dive together into the most awaited months of the year.  My outfit is simple but has this classy touch to it, thanks to the accessories. The dress itself is very versatile, by putting high heels on can have a bit more formal look and the opposite, can be easily converted into a more casual outfit  which I will show in one of the next style posts.


The “secret sauce” here is in the accessories. It was easy as matching a furry bag with a furry scarf and high heels. First, it kept me warm without the need of putting an outerwear which would have hid the dress. Second, it added more luxury feel to a completely simple tight dress. Third, I just felt fabulous and this reason on itself makes it worth going out like that.  The whole look is a combination of few different shades of brown which makes it suitable for very early fall days as well. Even though brown is considered to be a part of the autumn colour palette, I will share a secret with you…it is perfect for summer as well. The reason for that is because brown actually makes your tan look richer. It complements the sun kissed glowing skin so well that it is a great idea to consider having at least one brown swimsuit for the days of August. Keep in mind that it works best on already well-tanned skin.


Till next time and don’t forget that this is one of the cases when “less is more”....stay tanned but classy.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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