I have a simple understanding of how the world works – there is a problem, there is a solution…always. It might not be optimal, but there is always a solution. Pretty often in our hearts we know what that solution is and at that point is up to us to roll up our sleeves and do it or to complain. I am surprised how many people choose the latter. You can be that person who always finds excuses, procrastinates, and complains because the obvious solution is not “comfortable”. Or you can be on the other side of the spectrum where successful people are; those who never complain, who have realistic expectations of what needs to be done and simply act on it. What distinguishes a person from a successful person is action. From my experience so far I can tell that there are two types of actions. The first type, I will call initial action which is often crucial to success, is the process of taking a decision to act on something you want to accomplish. Why it is so important…the reason is because we all have plenty of ideas on which we never act, in fact we leave them in the universe as life-long dreams. When we reach a certain age, we look back and we taste the bitterness of not acting on time. I have seen it with my own eyes, people in their 60s talking about their choice, 30 years ago, not to pursue their dream just because…and this is the time when people continue to refer to the same old excuses they used 30 years ago. It makes us feel good to know that there was a reason beyond our power which prevented us from doing something. This way we have someone or something to blame for our indecisiveness or inaction. It helps us mentally to accept that things did not happen the way we wanted so we can move on with our lives, full with bitterness. Don’t be that sad person! It breaks my heart every time I encounter somebody full with potential who never did that initial act. The worst consequence for all those people is not so much that they will never stop asking themselves What if?... but rather the devastating truth that they will never know.


The second type of action I will call a determination action. It comes after the initial act and this part includes all the efforts we make in order our dream to become an accomplishment. All the go-getters, goal diggers and successful people know the importance of determination actions. In their world impossibility does not exist as a concept. They know that problems are temporary obstacles and there will always be a solution for them. They know that sacrifice is a mandatory prerequisite in order to qualify for this game. They also know that action is needed daily until what they want actually happens. They are not afraid of mistakes or failures. In fact failures also do not exist for them because their mindset accepts the so called “failures” as lessons which will be used during the next trial because believe me…they will try and try and try…until they succeed. What is the end goal? Usually, it is something that makes us happy…could be a business, certain lifestyle, a degree…who knows we are all different. I can assure you one thing, this is the mindset that every successful person and every hustler out there have…those people are often not uniquely gifted or way smarter than you…but first they take the decision of acing on their dreams while everybody else thinks they are insane; second, they are willing to take the risk and to work until they have the dream lifestyle, many people envy them for. It is not a magic, it is called action. If you fail on the initial or the determination act, the result will be absolutely the same. Provoke it, make it happen; don’t wait on somebody else to do it instead of you because they won’t. It is your dream and your responsibility to act on it.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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