The smile, the manners, the voice…many things can make a man look sexy in our eyes, but there is something special in a man who has a unique style and owns it proudly. Clothing is a powerful way of nonverbal expression and men who understand that, appear very attractive. It sends the signal that those guys know who they are and they feel comfortable in their own skin which immediately makes them stand out. Even though everyone gravitates towards a particular clothing style, it goes through changes depending on the occasion which is perfectly normal. Sometimes it is required to stay more on the conservative side and even though men’s style can still peek through thanks to some small details, certain rules still have to be followed and the creativity is slightly compromised.  However, at times when there are no rules to be followed, I have noticed over the years that many men are afraid of colours other than the classic black, blue, grey, brown and stay away from interesting pieces of clothing. I get it…first of all, not everything that is trendy is nice or suitable for everyone; second, we cannot fit in a box…what looks really great on one person might not look as great on someone else because we have different body shapes, skin, eyes, hair colour…and yes, all of this matters. This section has the same goal as its counterpart for females and it is to help you find your own style by showing you a different perspective. I also hope to break the old dogma around colours and patterns so that the clothing experience for men becomes more exciting.


In this very first post, dedicated to all the stylish men, I wanted to start with something that will remain an all-time classic, the so called polo shirt. As you can see, it is plain and predominantly white, but it has those interesting patterns around the collar which makes it eye catching as well as more youthful. Polo shirts portray the image of a more mature, well-rounded man, but little things like those patterns or completely different colours can transform this image and the younger crowd can enjoy wearing them as well. Polo shirts are also considered to be the formal version of a T-shirt so if you still want to look sharp in your free time; this is a good look for you. The combination with classic blue shorts and white sneakers make it a perfect outfit for a “formally” casual event such as lunch with a client during the weekend, for example. Last but not least, accessories for men could be very slippery road…I like them if they are used appropriately and in modest quantity.  In this case, the watch is snow white and it is very untraditional which gives a fashion twist to the look.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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