You know how I often talk about the importance of being in a balanced state; that balance is the key; we should strive to be in that calm place where no extremes exist. Quite frankly, I talk from experience and I know that the happiness is always somewhere in the middle. Everything in excess can be destructive sooner or later. That is why I try to encourage people to find their own balanced state and to strive to stay there for the majority of the time. We all go through imbalances, but as long as we consciously make the choice to go back to the middle, then we program our mind to a constant improvement which also leads to a better self-understanding. This is very significant because it helps us improve every aspect of our lives…romantic relationships, friendships, communication, career, goals. Why is that? Simply because you take the time to get to know yourself and to acknowledge what you have in excess and what you lack. Based on this self-analysis you can determine how developing a quality or diminishing the influence of another can be turned into your own advantage. There are a number of incredibly smart people with historic impact, who also believed in the concept of balance. Aristotle for example, the Greek philosopher and scientist, explained in his most famous work, Nicomachean Ethics, about the concept of the so called golden mean. In the Aristotelian view this “is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency. For example, […] courage is a virtue, but if taken to excess would manifest as recklessness, and, in deficiency, cowardice.” In other words he believed that everything might become toxic if it goes to either side of the spectrum. The ultimate happiness can be found in the middle where everything is harmonious. 


Fast forwarding to modern times, I just finished a very intriguing book called The Bingo Theory: A revolutionary guide to love, life and relationships.  It is written by Mimi Ikonn and I am a big fan of her work and personality. I wanted to share it with you because it is similar to my own views and I am sure that it can benefit you significantly. In my opinion, this is a modern interpretation of finding the golden mean, not only but especially, in relationships. Even though the book does not seem to be heavily impacted on research, based on my own experiences and observations I would say it is a very accurate guide. I do not want to take away the pleasure of reading the book, but I will summarize the idea of it. Mimi Ikonn talks about the balanced state that we all should try to reach on a basic energy level first. She claims that everyone possesses feminine and masculine energy, but one of them is always leading. The gender does not play a role whatsoever and even though this might apply to anyone, the focus is on people with straight sexual orientation; there are men with leading feminine energy as well as women with leading masculine energy. What she tries to explain is that there is nothing abnormal about that and even though we have a leading energy, we always possess both. It is essential to take advantage of your own leading energy, no matter which one it is, since it comes natural to us, but the ultimate goal however is to balance those two energies so that we live in a balanced way, attract balanced people and eventually have balanced relationships…in other words the Bingo relationships. Since the moment I watched Mimi elaborating on the book’s idea I knew that I fall into the category of a female with leading masculine energy, but since I work on myself quite intensively I also knew that I am in a very balanced state energy wise. Many of the characteristic descriptions, written in the book, I observed in myself over the past years and I knew I had to change some of them in order to feel better and to attract the people I want in my life. It worked for me and I am very thankful, but it happened because I acknowledged it and strived to stay balanced. My experiences in the past played the role of a measurement tool in regards to the accurateness of the statements in the book and I agree with them completely.  The lay out of the idea is very neat, accessible and simple. Even though I was aware of the concept of balance, this book brought me more clarity and made it even simpler for me to recognize why people behave the way they do, to analyze current and past relationships/friendships as well as to know how to improve further my communication skills with people around me.


I recommend to read this self-help guide from cover to cover not only focusing on the character to whom you relate the most because knowing more about others will show you their dynamic and perspective which will automatically lead to a better understanding.  The book currently can be found only on Amazon and keep in mind that it is not a novel, it is a guide. I hope you are in the right state for this book and you will enjoy it.


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