This look is perfect for going to a dinner in a semi-formal restaurant, or joining friends for drinks, attending a birthday party, even going to a club…there are a number of places you can go dressed this way. The blazer obviously gives a slightly more formal look but keep in mind that there are different types. There are very formal suite blazers and semi-formal like this one.This blazer, in particular, has even elbows patches which adds a lot more playfulness and distinguish it easily from the formal ones. This combined with a simple t-shirt underneath gives a very relaxed vibe. The skinny jeans and the sneakers definitely add to that feel. However, as you can see for the overall look it is very important the colours to be matched and balanced. The lighter grey of the t-shirt balances the very light blue blazer quite nicely so it appears more neutral. If the same blazer is combined with a blue t-shirt underneath, then this will bring the blazer`s blue tone out significantly more. The darker grey details on the t-shirt matches the belt well, which in fact is black. I know that many men follow the golden rule of matching the belt with the shoes and the watch and I agree that in some occasions that might look very polished, but in a more semi-formal environment guys can experiment as much as they want. In this case the dark belt is a very central piece, gives more character and the reason for that is because in a way it frames the look. If the belt was white, for example, the look would probably seem a bit more washed out and would be less suitable for night time. The jewelries are nice and simple; the watch is considered to be a fashion brand watch, but it can be easily substituted with a brand known to make watches only which will add more “weight” to the look.


All good so far, but I want to bring you back to the skinny jeans because I think a lot of guys “walk on a thin ice“ when it comes to that trend. Even though skinny jeans became popular a few years ago and there was a lot of controversy around them, many guys decided to give them a try and there is nothing wrong with that. However, skinny jeans tend to look great on taller, slender guys who have very good body proportions. As we all know, not every trend is suitable for everyone. Skinny jeans can actually make you look very chubby and this is when the guy has wider or more muscular legs. It is a red flag when the skinny jeans look like leggings. My advice is to stay away from it if the skinny jeans are way too tight. It does not look manly and as we established it might not flatter your figure either. This same look can easily be almost replicated by using straight jeans and this does not mean baggy jeans.


After all don`t be afraid to experiment. This will help you find out how to make your own effortless statement.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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