I believe that everlasting love exists and the combination of black and white can prove it. It has survived over the years and the fast changing fashion trends. The combination of black and white became a synonym for the word classic. That is why, my friends, if you want to look timeless this is one of the ways to go. Here I am going around the city with my 100% charged confidence thanks to one of my favourite outfits…and not only of the day. Wearing pitch black from head to toe is perfect way to shave few kilograms off your body instantly…at least visually. For naturally very skinny girls like myself, this might not be the most suitable color because it make us look even more ridiculously thin…and if you think that this is only in my own head, let me tell you that I answered the question “Oh you are so skinny, do you even eat?” about at least one million sixty-three thousand eight hundred times. For all the people who are still wondering, yes I do eat in fact quite an impressive amount when I am really hungry. However, the confession I need to make is that I simply love black, this color has always had a special place in my heart and it will always have. Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that black is very friendly color to all of us when we do not feel necessarily in the desired from us shape. It is a trick that all of us should keep in mind when we ate extra few pieces of Tiramisu for example.


Since we established few of my guilty pleasures now it is time to continue with the current topic A.K.A how to impress everybody who crosses your way with your timeless style. High-waisted pants have made their way back to the fashion world and they enjoy their fierce come back for few years now in the form of pants, skirts and even shorts. I personally am extremely thankful to this fashion miracle because first of all it makes my legs look visually longer, second, accentuate my waist and the body naturally seems more curvaceous. Showing our waistline is friendly to any body shape and form; it always makes the look more feminine. Last but not least thick heels no matter if they are high or low, it is a big statement nowadays. They not only seem very stylish but the thicker the heel, the more stability we get while walking.


My plan for the day is to continue to walk around downtown rocking my outfit. Have a wonderful and confident day.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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