Those kinds of magical evenings when everything aligns so perfectly well…you know what I mean right…the perfect dates. Let’s appreciate the feeling for a moment…when you have a date with someone who just somehow fills up the entire room with his energy which makes you so intoxicated that you don’t want this night to ever end. Oh yeah, you know what I am talking about…It takes a special someone to be able to shake your world to that extend but when it does, few things happen right away. First, your sight shut down for everything around you besides that person and arrows of light illuminate their silhouette, …ok maybe not, but you know what I mean. Second, you click so well together just like two puzzle pieces and the conversations seem to be endless and more exciting with every new topic…sometimes to the point that you are picking names for your future children in your mind. Yes, we girls are crazy like that! But what I like the most in those magical nights is the game, the seduction, the body language. Two people want to impress each other and it ends up happening very effortlessly when they are the right two people. Besides the obvious during those nights which is the chemistry…you need one more thing…an outfit that sets the right mood and defines you. Well, I have a pretty nice suggestion so let’s get into it. Due to the different lighting the colour of the dress changes quite a lot. It is a very mysterious and mixed colour. I would describe it as a deep indigo blue with a hint of grey. It is a rich colour which is equally suitable for a date in a bit more formal settings as well as in a cozy home environment whenever you want to add a special touch.


I have always been a big fan of dresses with long sleeves. It is just so feminine and I find out that my eyes always stuck to them for some reason. The great news is that they are very flattering to all my ladies out there no matter if you have thin arms or not. If you do as in my case, the long sleeves help my arms to appear more defined yet delicate at the same time…in other words, more healthy. The opposite case, girls who have bigger arms, long sleeves work almost as a shapewear specifically for arms. It holds them tight and into place which makes them appear thinner. Last but not least, the leg slash…it holds the elegance of 70s in itself. There is something very sexy and seductive in it when it is tasteful and not too revealing as in this case. The bare leg can be seen only when I am walking and it adds up to the mystery of the look…you never want to reveal too much skin. The high heels that I picked were silver and it just compliments that blue-ish colour very well. The jewelries are a must in this case and of course there are many combinations that will look great, but I decided to emphasize on long earrings and one big ring with stones.


Well, I guess that it’s time to leave you two alone. Enjoy your perfect date.


Keep in stylish inside out.


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