I feel guilty of leaving you for a bit, but it is not a coincidence that the post is under this section. Anyhow, a month of travelling and few technical difficulties later, here I am. I spent a month in Bulgaria, the country I was born in. Before I share in greater details my Bulgarian adventures, I decided to share some thoughts I had while I was there. As an immigrant who came to Canada at the age of 20, I had to overcome many challenges and all of us who left our countries to relocate have plenty of colourful stories. I will save mine for another time, but what really this immigrant life left me with is a divided heart. After a number of years living in Canada, I definitely consider this place home, but I will always have another one back in Bulgaria. And let me tell you that I value and respect the incredibly rich culture and history that my country has and we should be proud of it, but at the same time I am not your typical patriot…I don’t sing the anthem every morning, I don’t eat only Bulgarian food neither I have decorated my home in a traditional Bulgarian way. What I am trying to say is that it is okay if you do not follow any rules, you consider yourself a citizen of the world as I do, you admire other places as well and still have this very special love with the place your life journey started at. However, I was thinking more about what that special love actually is to me and what makes it so special after all. Is it coded into our DNA? Well, it is not for sure…rather it is a complex mixture of feelings that arise by all sorts of things - specific places where we grew up; places connected with memorable parts of our life, food, and even certain smells. After all, I figured out for myself that the feeling which only home can give me is rooted primarily in the people. They are the soul of every memory we ever had and we will ever going to have. What makes home so dear to our hearts are the people who we spent time with-the relatives, the neighbours, the friends. I love Bulgaria because there my grandma used to prepare for me every morning the most delicious breakfast ever; there my dad taught me how to ride a bike; there I spent the most free, careless summers with my best friends; there I went at illegal age for a first time to a nightclub. “There” could be anywhere but people who you spent your time with…they are the ones who make this “there” place irreplaceable. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all those people in my life who gave a meaning to everything. That is why no matter where you are and where you come from, cherish and celebrate people before anything else. And if you have a divided heart as I do, go back to your other home as often as you can. Most of us want to travel the world, to experience new things, to visit places and there is nothing more fulfilling and enriching than that in my opinion, but just don’t forget that maybe on the other side of the world, there are still people who are waiting for you and a phone call will never substitute a warm hug and eyes full of joyful tears.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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