Isn’t it interesting that we think we dress “fashionably” and we wear clothing which is designed a few decades ago? The wide yellow dress on the photos is a classic example of this. Women in the 60s have walked on the streets with exactly the same cut dresses…so in other words nothing new under the sun. However, this does not mean that this dress or the thick, high heels lost their charm over the years. Even the opposite, this is a look to remember, especially with the lace pattern on the top which make it more contemporary and playful yet not revealing in any way. This makes it equally suitable for a casual date or a business meeting, of course, depending on how strict the working environment is. The length is exactly till the middle of the thighs, which is perfect, especially for the shorter ladies out there. It made us look taller and for the other half of the women who can impress with the length of their legs, they simply became supermodels . Keep in mind that this particular dress’ length might not be very comfortable for taller girls at work especially, but when the dress is wide and made out of a material that weights it down it usually makes the dress stays in place. It is going to be very different than a very tight cotton dress which goes up with every step…and we all can agree on how annoying that is.


You know that I cannot skip the discussion about the colour itself. Yellow is the most visible colour of the spectrum and that is why it is often used for road signs because the human eye processes yellow first out of all colours. Even the peripheral vision is 2.5 times higher for yellow than red, for example. This means that if you want to be noticed, this is a pretty good way to show yourself to the world. Also in most cultures, yellow is associated with happiness, sunshine and warmth; in the nature, with sunflowers, bees etc. This colour is specific; I have to be in an appropriate mood for it, but in general makes me very happy. The high heels have a bit of a colour as well. It is a nice colour pallet containing bright mint, nude and a rose gold, which makes them stand out on their own, but in this case they complement the yellow and make the whole outfit more complete.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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