Some people absolutely love their birthdays and others just underestimate them…usually there is no middle ground for this event. Well, as some of you may know, I fall into the first category and in this post I will try to explain my reasoning behind it and hopefully can change somebody’s opinion from the second category so they can join me.


Time flies and let’s be honest…it sucks. May West said “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” and it is hard to not agree, however who doesn’t want  life expectancy to be 200-300 years at least…I know I do! Getting older is not always fun primarily because we start worrying about many things like finances, relationships, careers, health, beauty, social norms etc. And guess what…we can complain all we want but the time will leave its footprints on us regardless. No matter what we do or do not do, the concept of time that is imposed on us since we were born will not stop. So do we have a better option than being grumpy around our birthdays? Of course we do and let me tell you why you should do exactly the opposite.


In fact, I want to give you food for thought before we start. Do you have any idea what are the chances of you even existing? Well, it is such a big number that the chances you being here now under the form of you are close to zero. The exact number, after plenty of scary calculations that all of you can look up online, was something like 550 343 279 001.  I liked particularly one infographic, for the sake of its simplicity, which goes into more details about that and I will share it at the end of this post. After the statistics I don’t know if you feel lucky, but you are truly miracles, my friends. Adding years towards your life journey is just a blessing.


As we established, there is no point of throwing yourself on the ground crying out loud since nothing will change, so why don’t you enjoy your very own special day instead? I personally believe that every day is special and we should live it gratefully. However, what I found an extra special on my birthday is the fact that on this day, X number of years ago, was my very own beginning as Sofiya in this world. So basically every upcoming birthday is my personal New Year…and oh boy, what is better and more refreshing than new beginnings.


Now let me throw you few suggestions which can make your special day more meaningful. There are awfully many ways to start your personal New Year well. Maybe you want to pamper yourself by vising your favourite hairstylist; or you want to take a long walk in the nature by yourself; or maybe even to make your own vision board which I talked about on my previous post Imagine What It Will Be... Whatever makes you happy just to do it and make sure you do at least one thing by yourself for yourself on that day. Show yourself that you respect and love yourself because at the end of the day, this is one of the most meaningful and valuable relationships that you will have and as every other relationship, it requires care and nurture.  After you are done with that special self-treat, I encourage you to do at least one thing that is for somebody else like preparing food for the homeless; go volunteer somewhere for a few hours; clean up the space in front of your building or the park you love to visit; donate something you do not use anymore to someone who really needs it…there are so many acts of kindness that we can do. This way, even if you do not have special plans, you will celebrate yourself and the world will celebrate your kindness. Of course, nothing is mandatory, but it would be nice to give the world another reason to be proud of our existence. Who knows, maybe this act of kindness might spread as a disease around the globe. Lastly, do not forget to thank the most important person who brought you to this world…thank your mom!


And if you are a birthday fanatic as I am, well you might consider celebrating three days straight…like gypsy wedding. They usually last three days, three nights! How fun is that, you feel extra special for not one but two extra days.


So here is an interesting story. Kinda many years ago…on 4th of November, it was crazy cold, snowy winter evening in Varna, Bulgaria (highly unusual scene for this time of the year).  There was a young, beautiful woman who, after 12 hours in pain, finally gave birth to a baby girl. Well, since there is nothing usual about this story, the baby girl has to have a highly unusual behaviour as well. She did not want to come to this world as every normal human being…normal was boring to her since day one, obviously,  so she made an entrance to this world in a highly unusual way…she came out with the butt first and let me tell you, no crying and bullshit…straight to hiccups for about 15 mins. She was different and as I always say different is effing great. This baby girl was named Sofiya. Thank you, mom, for bringing me to this world different!


Now since this is my own very special day…Happy Birthday to Me!


Keep in stylish inside out.



Interesting Fact: Source of the infografic:


Jeff Nov 05, 2016

Happy Birthday and thank you for being you!

Sofiya Nov 10, 2016

Thank you, Jeff! Those were the kindest words ever :)

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