Last summer when I travelled to Bulgaria, I met “coincidentally” someone who decided to make me a gift that left a very memorable trace in my mind…it was a book. I love receiving and gifting books so it is needless to say that this thoughtful gesture made me very excited and thankful. At the time, I was in the middle of another book and then I kept reading a different type of literature until one day that I just felt strongly that I really need to read this particular book next. Funny enough, this is a very typical occurrence for me…I feel sometimes that books choose me instead of the other way around. Please tell me that you feel like that too and I am not the only crazy one here!  The book that I am talking about is called Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani. This book is a bit different from what I usually read in a sense that it is about a near death experience and I have not explored this topic in depth before. Anita Moorjani was diagnosed with cancer and her near death experience changed her entire life forever. She elaborates on her experience and the spiritual metamorphoses she went through thanks to that. 


Even now while I am writing this post, it takes me a lot of time and it is very hard for me to summarize this book. I read it two weeks ago and I still cannot fully express the emotions I went through and to find the most suitable words to describe it. Anyway, I will give it a try so bear with me. There are books and movies that leave a long lasting effect on us because there is something in them that we connected with a memory or a dream of ours or it helps us understand better something closely related to us. Well this is exactly how I felt about this book…I felt it painfully personal but I had to share it with all of you because I finally found something that summarizes a large part of all the opinions, theories I read about happy and healthy living and my beliefs formed by experience. However, the author explained it so beautifully that I cannot recreate it so I highly recommend reading the book.  I am not sure how many of you, after reading it, will accept it as a complete truth and frankly, I do not ask for that, but for me this book became a very important stepping stone for my own growth and it was one of those dots thanks to which the picture became clearer.   Even though nobody can confirm Anita’s personal experiences while she was in coma since she is the only one who went through them, it is a very interesting point of view that you as a reader will be left with. Of course, near death experiences are not new, many people talked about them in the past and there are similarities in the stories, but at the end of the day, it is great if we at least keep our minds open and try to understand.


As usual, I will try not to reveal too much of the content so you can still enjoy while going through it. I want to say first that the book is a nonfiction story of an existing person whose name is Anita Moorjani and she is the author as well. Her medical records were studied by a few doctors who confirmed that her recovery cannot be explained by the modern medicine and they can define it as a miracle. The climax of the book is wrapped around her near death experience which she explained in great details and it is very powerfully presented. She explained it in a way so that the reader can have almost a 3D experience or at least I felt it this way. Even though the near death experience story provides quite a lot of concepts and questions to think about, the last part of the book where Anita reveals what she learned from her experience is equally vigorous. She talks about very simple things that could be the foundation of all we need to do mentally to stay physically healthy which are: to live without fear; to love ourselves; to trust our guts; to search for answers inside where they really are; to understand the concept that we all are connected; to stress less; to trust that what is there for us, it is going to find us; to do what we love and to laugh more.


This book is great for anyone who went through a loss of a close person because it gives a pretty good picture of what might have happened to their souls and on the other hand, Anita provides a pretty simple yet powerful thoughts on what leads to those types of diseases so we can eventually change our life now and live it differently in an attempt to avoid them. What I also really like in this book is that there is no religious connotation whatsoever, it is even the opposite, she tries to place all the religions aside, even though she acknowledged their existence and the fundamental right of anyone to follow them if they want to, without judgment.


In my very first sentence in this post I put the word coincidentally in quotation marks because I do not believe in coincidences. I am glad I met this person who became my friend and he provided me with answers which I desperately searched for without him even knowing. Thank you for that!


Keep it stylish inside out.


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