This is one of those evergreen looks that makes me weak at the knees. Gentlemen, trust me on that one, you will be stealing hearts this season if you decide to go on a first date like that. If you have already somebody special next to you, she will brag about her arm candy to everyone on the street. How I know that…I would do the same! You know I will never joke about something like that, so now since I have your attention, let me explain where this excitement comes from.


I want to start off with the colour combo which in this case is beige, dark brown and deep blue. Psychologically, colours affect our perception of people around us so if you want to deliver a particular message, this is not a bad way to do so. It is a very powerful nonverbal clue indicating the person’s mood today, what message they want to send to the world etc. In this case, beige is very simple, warm, relaxing colour that is a pleasure for the eyes. It provides this earthy, grounded sensation, especially combined with dark brown accessories. The deep blue creates a bit of a nice contrast. Usually the deep blue is considered to be a more conservative colour which expresses stability, reliability, honesty, trust. This is the reason why some of the biggest corporations prefer to use it as a part of their logo, name or as the main colour of their website. So if you go out on a first date dressed like that, the message those colours will convey is that you are a very relaxed, down to earth person who is responsible and trustworthy. Do you see where I am going with that…yeah, every girl who is ready for something serious, would love to get those clues from you on a first date, don’t you agree?


It is a great idea for everyone, regardless of the gender, to invest in a good looking thin beige jacket. It goes with everything and it is suitable for fall and spring so you will have plenty of chances to wear it. The small shoulder details give quite a character to this particular jacket, but in a very settled way at the same time. It matches perfectly well the finely knitted sweater, which is very sexy. If the knit type is not too wide and you have a naturally slender body with a well-shaped chest, then it is not needed to put anything underneath the sweater. It looks mysterious, very slightly see through and who does not like such delicate tease? If you do not feel 100% comfortable with this idea, it is perfectly fine to find the same colour fitted underwear or to change to a different material sweater. The deep blue jeans are classic and they look sharp…another good wardrobe investment. The beige suede shoes are a great touch for this outfit since it adds to that settled manly look. The accessories are definitely worth mentioning. The belt has metal pieces all over it and it shows character and is exactly the opposite of boring. The leather bracelet matches the belt nicely, but what I really want to focus on is the wooden watch. It is so different, it is a statement and it adds more earthy, relaxed vibe.


Now you have a number of reasons to think twice of the colours you will use next time and definitely will pay more attention to details which could make you more successful in your interactions in general. Not everyone, but quite a lot of people notice those small elements that speak louder for your personality that you think and can become a great foundation for a conversation, could spark interest or you might receive a sincere compliment. After all Rachel Zoe was right “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Looking good will make you also feel more confident and ask whoever you want but I am sure that this trait will be somewhere on their wish list for life partners, coworkers and basically anyone who they communicate with.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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