You know what…I am truly blessed that the city, I call home for 8 years now, is a natural beauty. If we compare the city to a girl, it would be one of those girls who go out without makeup and you are stunned how beautiful they are…and you are like damn that cannot be real?! Of course, the city has its downsides, but the truth of the matter is that Vancouver has a very strong connection with the nature and without any doubt two of the best seasons here are spring and fall. During those seasons everywhere you go is just breathtaking and you can see the life everywhere…trees, flowers, animals. This is one of the reasons I could not skip a fall photoshoot and the other is that I started enjoying this season more and more especially if it is not raining. Fall is also that laid-back season when you can put your favourite sneakers on, a cozy cardigan and to take a long walk in the nature…and this is exactly what I did. Ok, I know that Vancouverites love to talk about the weather, but let’s move on…#innerjoke.


Girls enjoy the same things as guys do; we need to tone it down a bit once in a while and to leave the glam for another time. Natural hair and make-up, cozy outfit and a hot drink…in other words, being 100% comfortable. Even though the make-up is kept to a minimum, richer colour lipsticks are welcomed by the fall so with a barely any effort you can still stand out. All the other colours on me are quite neutral so that the cardigan can be more notable. Layering tops is one of my favourite tricks when I want to spice up a bit, otherwise, boring outfit. As you can see the top and the bottom light grey colours are identical, so if I have left it as that, the outfit would appear a bit plain in my opinion. This is why I put another thin layer underneath which is a different colour yet not too drastic and I gave the outfit more texture and it became more eye-catching. Another good idea is to play not only with colours, but also with different patterns, which would be even more noticeable. In this case, however what I focused on was my black and while cardigan. The classic gingham pattern or in other words the picnic pattern is widely recognizable. This pattern originated as a combination of white and another bold colour, but nowadays we can enjoy all sorts of modifications including the all-time classic black and white combo. What I really liked in this cardigan is that it feels a bit oversized yet fits perfectly well. This is a big trend right now and I love it because it looks chic, yet it is cozy and you can easily wear it with high heels or sport shoes. If this cardigan is to be worn as an outerwear, the fact that it is collarless makes it very unique and fashionable coat. Especially if you try to go for a more polished outfit combined with high heels, this little detail (or the lack of it) can add a very elegant touch to the overall look.


Last but not least, my all-time favourite black sneakers with golden details that I have for two years now and I cannot get tired of them. They look great with anything and even though they are clearly sport shoes, the gold metal makes everything look so much more sophisticated. I remember two/two and a half years ago those types of sports shoes just made it to very limited stores…I went to one particular store, maybe three times before I add them to my shoe family and probably this is one of my best wardrobe investments so far. You must have one of those favourite items you can wear all the time, tell me which one is yours?


Keep it stylish inside out.


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