Even though my preferences for summer are still prevailing, I started to appreciate for a first time in my life every season’s beauty. The past winter I happen to be at one of the most fairy tale alike cabins I have ever been so far. The name of the cabin is The Hundred Acres Wood and I will give more information on it along with my adventures there in the Travel section.  Besides the great time I had among the truly astonishing nature, I wanted to polish myself a bit and to shine brighter even though at times I felt that I am in the middle of nowhere. As we all know, rule number one is - dress up for yourself first and then for the rest of world. So following those wise words, I decided to wear natural beige tones and to have a big, cozy knee length winter jacket which colour stands out. In fact the whole outfit’s glam is hidden in the popping colour that contrasts the golden details. And before people ask me if I have two muscular men to carry me around with those high heels in the snow, I will get ahead of you and admit that it is completely unpractical to have high heel on a snowy day, however we shall all agree that it looks great on the photos. Jokes aside, the combination of a bit more sport-ish looking clothing paired with high heels is very chic and it is very suitable for running some errands with a car on the weekend or going out for a lunch with friends. It is comfortable, not pretentious but it has this “wow effect” that I like to call it. The high heels add a hint of glamour to an everyday type of outfit that can be easily paired with runners. And ladies, I will lie if I say that every time when I see a big puffy winter jacket combined with ankle boots it does not remind me of one of the most glamorous and stylish icons of our time – Jennifer Lopez. Maaan, there is something about that combination that makes me feel so much like Jenny from the Block – down to Earth yet shining from within.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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