Ok, rain is not one of my most favourite things, but living in Vancouver I have to deal with it. Also I am dedicated to showing you great outfits every week, so nothing can stop me, we will shoot in the rain! This is how dedicated I am…that’s right!


The dress is an absolute classic; it is very fitted and a bit on the shorter side, but it is quite unexposing so that is why it can be worn in many places even at work with proper high heels, for instance. The length of the dress, however, suits perfectly well the tall above-the-knee boots. In order to show your tall boots, you should combine them with a short skirt or dress like this one.  My boots are flat so I can wear such an outfit when I want to doll myself up while knowing that I will be walking for many hours. The cape looks great with any dress and it is pretty nice to wear it at a more formal event. You do not want to put your giant winter jacket above a formal dress so capes are a good solution. Also it gives you quite a movement flexibility and it is an easy piece to wear pretty much any time. I agree that for a formal event in winter time the cape will not keep you warm at all but it looks good and I am sure we can survive the cold for a few minutes in the name of style. However, you do not need to attend any formal occasion to wear it, you can easily put a cape on anything like a warm knit pullover in the fall.


As usual, I cannot skip the accessories; in fact, they are a very important part…you know my opinion already. Hats are my thing, I just adore them. First of all, they look sophisticated. Second, this French beret is so European and unlocks guys’ imagination (let’s put it this way). I actually bought it from Paris many years ago because I couldn’t climb the Eiffel Tower without one…it wouldn’t feel right. Third, hats are our best friends, ladies, on a bad hair day or, let’s just say it out loud, when we haven’t had time to wash it. “ Ugh gross” some will say, but we all know it happens!


The little things…they do sometimes the biggest difference and something as neglected as an umbrella can actually brighten your own day even though it is gloomy and raining outside. Beautiful and colourful things can really influence your mood on a subconscious level. Also those little details reveal a lot of personality and can attract quite a lot of attention. You can see it for yourself, imagine if you have a bird`s point of view and you see only grey and black umbrellas, then you notice a very brightly coloured one…would it grab your attention? Probably yes and your second thought most likely will be that this is a person who definitely knows how to make lemonade, right? Yeah, we all have the option to turn around things, to enjoy whatever we have and to express ourselves through everything we own...even an umbrella.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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