It is time to wrap up 2016 with the good and the bad, to place everything in our life’s archive and to welcome enthusiastically 2017 for all that it is about to offer us. I am going to share with you 18 rules to live by for a happier life and I highly recommend to give them a try in 2017.


1. Take your time to reflect more often on your life, goals and how to self-improve…not only at the end of the year.


2. Learn to trust your instincts unconditionally. If something does not feel right for no particular reason and you feel resistance in yourself, don’t do it.


3. Accept and love yourself. This is the very essential rule for a good life. We all are here for a limited time in this particular body. If you want to create something nice, to leave a memorable footprint behind, to raise your kids to be responsible and loving individuals…whatever your goal is…it should start with unconditional self-love. Turn off the noise that comes from every direction, get to know your true self and accept it, own it, love it. You are going to spend a lot of time in your own company so better enjoy it.


4. Live in the present…not from a vacation to a vacation…not from Friday to Friday…but now. Have you ever realized how many times we wished for the weekend, the summer, the next trip to come sooner? Fundamentally, what we wish for is to skip moments and at the same time we complain that life is too short. Change your mentality on this one, you never know what your day will offer and if tomorrow will ever come for you. I understand that not every day can be lived gloriously but it can be lived gratefully by appreciating that extra time we have with loved ones, coworkers, people in the bus; in this country; in this weather…you can always find reasons.


5. If you like something in someone just say it even if you don’t know the person…this made my day on countless occasions and I try to pay it forward because now I understand the power of a genuine compliment.


6. Don’t be late. If you are late for a meeting it is perceived as rude and unprofessional. The harshest punishment though is if you are late for a life event which you may never get the chance to relive twice. Just give your best to be on time, no matter of the event’s nature.


7. Never talk behind people’s back. If you have anything to say…say it in their faces…it is an honorable act and speaks loudly of your awesome personality.


8. Have your `soul time` regularly. Your soul is your eternal essence, take the time to get in touch with yourself…meditate, spend time in nature, write down your feelings and thoughts or just stop for a minute like nothing else exists and relax. There are probably millions of other ways to get in touch with yourself…explore them.


9. Try to live with no regrets. Often elderly people who end up having regrets is because they did not do something on time. Start living fearlessly, act on your dreams, desires, goals and if you fall, move on to the next one. Do not care of what others have to say about that…it is your journey. If they want to be cautious and to increase their chances of having regrets, then so be it.


10. This is specifically for my girls…let’s complement each other more often and if I have lipstick on my teeth please tell me even if you are a stranger…I will love you for that.


11. If you feel the urge to leave a negative comment online only because nobody can see you, think about how would you feel if somebody says that to the person you love the most in this world. If it hurts you, don’t send it. We all have feelings no matter how “bad ass” we act.


12. When you go to bed at night take a few minutes to think of everything you are grateful for…imagine it, relive it.


13. Acquire new knowledge once in a while. Read more books, there is so much wisdom in them and often answers to many of your questions.


14. Spend as much time as you can with your family. Even the thought of it makes my eyes watery, but the truth is that nothing is forever at least in this world as we know it. One day we will be left with those precious memories, don’t waste time.


15. Travel more. The saying that `Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.` hides so much wisdom. Create your own opportunities to travel and if you think that financially you cannot afford it, think twice. Travelling might not be so expensive depending on the way you travel. With more research and careful planning, you can end up in places that you have never even dreamed of.


16. Plan but not too much. Plans are great guidance that assists you in many ways for bigger goals, but remember that it won’t be fun if we can plan everything…leave plenty of room for surprises and beautiful serendipity moments. Ah, I love those ones!


17. Give back and share. If you are in a position to give, do it. It is the most rewarding feeling to help someone in need, to support a bigger cause or simply to give your kindness. If you are successful, share that success with others and it will taste so much sweeter, I guarantee you.


18. The world is a reflection of your inner state. Focus on the good, smile more, dance more, try to see the good in people and don’t accept them as enemies right away. If you are the light in the life of others’ they will reflect that light back at you.


Have a stunning beginning of 2017 and shape the rest of it the way you want.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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