Simple, clean, beautiful, confident...this is the mood of this outfit. The shirt is a bit untraditional because there are no front buttons; in fact, it has an innocent and even slightly childish look which makes it very charming. This type of shirt is ideal for meetings when you want to appear as a non-threat to the parties involved, which reminds me that it is perfect for meeting the parents of your significant other for a first time…they will love you for the slightly modest but impeccable taste you have.


Whatever you wear, it needs to show a bit of your personality in a very unique way, that is when accessories often take place. My bright and colourful clutch breaks the whiteness, that is going on, in a very nice undisturbing way. It draws the right amount of attention and has a bit of golden details on it which match my jewelries.


Not much left to be said besides that I had a lovely evening in this outfit in one of the most romantic parts of the city where at night as you can see, everything shines bright…exactly like me.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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