The little black dress is more than an essential wardrobe piece; it became the uniform of style for every woman worldwide. From its birth till this day, it is a synonym for elegance and class. And if you wonder who created it…well, the concept of a black dress existed for a long time, but Coco Chanel is considered to be the real mother of the little black dress. The term “little black dress” appeared for a first time in the American Vogue under one of Chanel’s illustration of her famous Model T dress back in 1926. Model T dress was straight, long sleeved, black dress with four diagonal stripes beautifully styled with a black hat and white pearl necklace. Vogue editors at the time named the dress after the Ford’s Model T automobile, which was the first affordable car produced for middle class Americans back in 1908. Few years after in 1927, John Ford was delighted to produce his 15 millionth Model T. In other words, this car was iconic for its time so was the little black dress which later even received a nickname and now it is widely known as LBD. Vogue editors predicted that the LBD will “become sort of a uniform for all women of taste”. If they only knew how accurate they were and how stubbornly timeless this dress became. Since then many versions of the little black dress appeared, but at its core the ultimate purpose stayed the same.  It was created so that women can have a very simple dress which does not follow any trends…a dress that will prevail time.


I believe I made my point and now nobody will be surprised by my choice of clothing in this post. The dress I am wearing was specifically selected for a special occasion which took place in winter time. I guess Chanel’s work was brilliant in more ways that just her choice of colour and simplistic style. I confessed in previous posts that I have a soft spot for dresses with long sleeves and Chanel had my back as well. Long sleeves can be your best friends, they emphasize the thin arms and make them look fuller in a healthy way and magically shrinks the larger ones. They are also great for winter events because they will keep you warm. This brings me to my next point, specifically regarding winter formal events which require a dress. Do not be afraid to put tights, ladies. They have multi-purpose as well. First, they will keep your legs in place and in shape…also it looks damn sexy. Have you noticed that stars like Beyoncé and J-Lo always wear even more than one pair of tights on them while performing? Well, one of the reasons is because while they dance, their legs are supported this way and everything stays in place. Tights keep everything together when we move and it is visually pleasant. Second, it will keep you warm in winter times. Third, wearing anything that covers the legs is part of the etiquette. Even though today this is not as religiously followed, it is something to keep in mind, especially if you end up in an extremely conservative environment.


If you are ever in doubt…put your little black dress on, make your side swept hairstyle, spice it up with nice sparkly elegant rings and small earrings and be sure that everyone will stare at you while admiring your timeless style.


Keep it stylish inside out.



M@nnu Mar 13, 2017

U are Style queen & Deva. U are so Gorgies.

Sofiya Mar 15, 2017

Thank you so much for the lovely comment :)

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