If you are that lucky and you live in that part of the world where you have not used the word snow in the last little while, then you can ignore this post. For the rest of us who had the pleasure to experience one very mesmerizing winter...and we are so really to let it go at this point…then keep on reading. Even though we are craving for nice weather, we have to be patient…the cold is still here. I have always found it more challenging to stay stylish in the winter time while trying to keep yourself warm at the same time. That is why I decided to give a few little hints to my male audience to make their last winter days more enjoyable. Remember...the winter is almost over, but for now put a nice, cozy cardigan. Many guys stay away from cardigans, because they are often associated with a type of clothing that an elderly guy would wear, but choosing the right one and styling it properly might leave you pleasantly surprised by the end result. In this case, the leather pieces make the cardigan definitely more youthful looking and combined with coloured jeans, it is a very eye catching look. At the same time, it will keep you warm. Whenever you go with a more vibrant colours try to balance them out with neutrals so that it does not look overwhelming for the eye. The goal is to stand out, but still to keep it stylish. In such a mountain scene, accessories that have an earthy feel are very appropriate…like a wooden watch. This is a very original piece of jewellery that attracts a lot of attention and goes well with many looks.


Enjoy the last cold days.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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