I would like to welcome you to my blog. As you probably guessed it right by now, I am Sofiya but I think that Style Conduct needs a proper introduction.  The goal of this website is to be a source of positivity, creativity and empowerment. Its mission is to aspire you to write your own conduct of happiness and style. I believe that every one of us has the resources within themselves to change their life at any given time. Have you ever admired someone who is constantly happy, kind, calm and it seems like an invisible power helps them accomplish any goal they put ahead of themselves? Well, this is possible for all of us and there is no supernatural power involved. It is just a state of mind, it is a lifestyle that you create, breathe and live by every single day. All it takes is desire to do so and I hope that the thoughts I will be sharing here, resonates with you and become the foundation for a positive change.  You will be surprised that sometimes all it takes is a word, idea or a different point of view in order for you to connect the dots. I can only be hopeful that my words become that missing piece for you.  I do not claim to know everything; I will grow and change with all of you. However, I am inclined to think that if people find their inner peace sooner in their journey, we will become a society that cares for the greater good.


Often this big change starts with something as simple as presenting yourself at your best wherever you go. Clothing has power over your internal and external world. It gives you that extra confidence boost and charm that impacts your surroundings even if cannot see it immediately. Knowing my style has always served me well, in fact it brought me many experiences and opportunities over time. Putting effort into your appearance makes not only a good impression but it also reveals a lot about your personality. Yeah, I know…it might sound like Cinderella story but we all cannot deny that one of my favourite quotes is relevant here: “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” And believe me, I mean it in the least materialistic way possible. In fact, I will share my passion for good style and all the thoughts I have about it over time. The other major goal of Style Conduct will be to assist you finding your own style so that you can feel empowered in your own skin and carry your confidence as your best accessory.  


Keep it stylish inside out.



S. Slavchev May 13, 2016

Awesome idea! Seems innovative to me as I have never come across anything like over the internet. Wish you all the very best and so much success that is hard to believe :)

Dimo May 13, 2016

Page looks really nice, the idea behind it also appeals to me! All the best!

Sofiya May 14, 2016

Thank you guys, I am glad you like it...I hope you will enjoy everything that is about to be posted. Sending you lots of love :)

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