Before I reserve you a front seat for my travelling adventures, I would like to share with you what makes travelling important, for the overall mental health and happiness, in my opinion.


No, Earth is not Flat. Yeah, we all know that one of the earliest arguments about that came from Pythagoras, around 500 B.C… in other words, nothing new under the sun; however figuratively speaking travelling makes you realize that Earth is not flat for real. It makes you explore and see with your own eyes that there is so much more out there. Books are a wonderful way to get closer to the experience of travelling and to obtain factual information, but in order to really experience it, better pack your suitcases and book the first available flight to wherever your inner voice tells you. I assure you that the stories you will accumulate will make a great conversation afterwards. Those types of experiences make us and our lives more interesting, so what is there to lose?


It Liberates You…Period. We are so caught up in our everyday life and the amount of energy we devote sometimes to small, insignificant things is unbelievable. We also tend to gravitate towards what is familiar to us and anything that differs from our “perfect world” is not worth our attention. Well, the good news is that traveling can fix this because it makes you leave your everyday corporate type of behaviour, any limiting thoughts and worries at home. Being surrounded by unfamiliar cultures broadens your horizon so much that you will not only perceive life differently, but it will also make you realize what is worth worrying about and what is not. In many countries around the world, people tend to be way happier with way less than what we have. This makes us appreciate the life we have and we often tend to simplify it after travelling because we come to the conclusion that we don’t need so much in order to be happy. In fact, what really makes us happy often is not under any material form.


It Introduces You to Yourself. There is no traveller who can convince me that they did not have an awkward situation when they tried to explain something with their arms/legs/head/eyes/eyebrows and it didn’t end up looking like a male bird’s mating dance during breeding season. Situations like that make great stories but most importantly we put ourselves outside of our comfort zone which expands its boundaries significantly. We also improve our people skills, we start reading others more easily, especially when we don’t know the local language. We tend to be more observant and silent at times, which are more valuable skills to have than almost any acquired at school…trust me on that one. At some point you, my friend, will also have your AHA! moment when you sit at an amazing secluded beach or on the top of a mountain, you will realize many things about yourself...I am not sure what they will be about but they will be valuable, this is what I know for sure. Maybe you will realize what really matters to you the most, what life is all about, what your mistakes were in the past or simply what you need to change in order to feel happier.


Everybody Is the Same. I am not trying to take any Hippie approach here, but it is true…It doesn’t matter what our skin colour is, language, abilities, disability, culture; what we eat, what we drink and how we celebrate…we are human beings with feelings. At the end of the day, this is probably one of the most valuable lessons that traveling teaches us. Everybody around the world seeks for health, love and a place to call home. We are not that different from each other, we just have different start in life. The more frequently we travel, the less judgmental we become and more acceptive towards any types of differences.


Sharing Is Caring. When we wander around the globe, we end up appreciating nature way more and voalá, we got an insight ...this planet does not belong only to humans. Even though it is known that we share this space with a number of other species, at times when we enter their homes like forests, jungles, oceans…then we truly realize it. We are not entitled to deprive animals from their right to live undisturbed as much as possible. We exist thanks to one another and we should share because there is enough for all of us. 


Value Experiences over Things. Material things give us a certain level of satisfaction, especially if we desired to possess a particular thing for a while, but it can never surpass the feeling that the experience can give us. Materialistic matters will break down, tear apart, but the experience that can touch the soul, will never go away. There is nothing I can compare with the feeling of waking up by the sounds coming from the judge in Costa Rica, the Caribbean’s eye hurting blue waters or the unique European art that can be seen around every corner. I rather feed my soul, than adding another fancy dress to my closet…and you all know how much I believe in the power of clothing.


It Makes You Stay Hungry. The more you travel the hungrier you become for new experiences, knowledge, and desire to explore, to go with the flow, to enjoy the simple things in life. Being in that mental state of welcoming new opportunities and staying hungry for more is the proper mindset that every successful person has.


At the end of the day I understand that people are different and not everyone will share my passion for travelling, but I encourage you at least to give it a chance. Keep in mind that travelling is not only about thriving in new cultures, but it is connected with the concept of moving which is the foundation of change. I am going to end this post with a quote by J.P. Morgan: “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”


Keep it stylish inside out.






Theresa Nguyen Jun 02, 2016

Dear Sofiya,

I definitely look at traveler in different perspective now, rather than just getaway time after hundreds hours of working. It's just not only the fun and memories we have in the place we travel, it's all about get to know the universe around us, the place, the people, yourself and appreciate so many things that life offers to us. This two weeks of vacation will be really worth it for me and I will definitely enjoy it so much! For that, thanks for sharing such meaningful lessons!


Theresa Ng.

Sofiya Jun 02, 2016

Traveling definitely gives different perspective on many things. It makes us well rounded individuals in my opinion. Enjoy your vacation, Theresa :) Sending you lots of love back!!!

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