We, the modern independent ladies, appreciate work and make it a big part of our lives. It feels great to convert your knowledge and hard work into a success. The sense of accomplishment that can be received from a well done job is a very sweet reward and I hope we all enjoy and take pride in our work. So we talked about the most important part, in particular what work does for us internally, let’s talk about what it does externally. Well, the most obvious change is in our clothing style. We know how it is said that you cannot have a second first impression on someone…so let’s make it right the first time around. Being a working girl requires you to have a special place in your wardrobe with a label working clothes and I personally love it. Why you may ask? Well, it is simple, working clothes are not equal to boring clothes…those days are over. Nowadays, we have so many options that it really depends only on us how we can shine brighter without unnecessary exposure. Classy is sexy period. Here is just one of many examples how we can be classy yet not overly conservative. There are still professions that require extra caution, but for the most industries out there it is acceptable to express your uniqueness through your working clothes. Here I was wearing a black half turtleneck top which is backless. It is an acceptable skin exposure only because I paired it with a high-waisted skirt which helped me cover half of my back so it became stylish and interesting instead of inappropriate. Going back to the turtleneck top…it looks great on a person with longer neck or elderly people from both genders because it covers any loose skin and wrinkles if needed. Going forward, I find it very chick to wear thick black stocking with black shoes when it is colder outside. It has another advantage beside the good looks and this is the fact that it accentuates the length of the legs since it is difficult to see the black high heels so visually the legs appear longer. And last but not least a nice coat with shorter sleeves and few extra “diamonds” doesn’t harm anyone. It is a statement piece and you can dress up any boring outfit with it. So here we go, we are ready now.


Being a fabulous working girl requires three things: brain, beauty and style. So before you leave out the door don’t forget to double check:

✔ Brain: sharp as always

✔ Beauty: smile on

✔ Style:immaculate


Now go out there, ladies, and take over the world.


Keep it stylish inside out.


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